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Our Nashville Zoo Trip

I have been trying to add this now for days. But, here is our Zoo trip video. Sorry Im not the best camera woman..


Mom: Here is your video tour of new house..LOL

Ok, So my Mom has been asking for pictures of the new house since we moved in back in November. Well, Im just now getting to it. Sorry Mom, But since I got my new camera (which again I LOVE) I figured it would be easier to do a little video for her. Love ya Mom!

Even I could do it!

Ok, I know the job of a weatherman is not an easy task. But, for cryin out loud people don’t say it’s going to be 80 and sunny if there is a chance of storms. As you can tell our weatherman was wrong once again!..LOL..

Devan being silly

Devan and I spent the day together doing mommy and son stuff. Bills, shopping, and just hanging out. For those who know us Devan and I love our music and love to dance. As you can tell!

My Poor Child

Devan spent the night next door Saturday night and apparantly they stayed up till like 4am. Lil guy could barely keep his head up straight he was so tired. David took this video like less than 2min after leaving the house we were on the way to the mall which takes like 10min to get too..LOL..He is such a party animal!

Packed and crowded afternoon

The town of Clarksville, TN has a year festival called the “Rivers and Spires” And I had heard that it is alot of fun to go to. The place gets jam packed from what I heard from friends. But, there was a lot of vendors there, tons of food booths, and seven different stages with musical entertainment. Devan got 2 CD’s from a local band and one of their T-Shirts. We had a good time walking around but after being elbowed one to many times I was ready to go and I think David was too. Only bummer is we missed out on seeing John Michael Montgomery concert that was free. Oh well!..I took a little video with my NEW Flip Camera. I now want to take it everywhere with me..HA!.

Twitter Test

Ok, I am just seeing If this will post to twitter.

Devan says hello

I wanted to see if I was able to upload this video of Devan for his Pap Pap to see. I told you his hair was getting long. And he won’t let me cut it!..HA HA HA

New Camera

So, I have a online pal who has a flip video camera. And I have heard others talk about it. So, after a day or so of contemplating and deciding. I finally got one!..YAY for me. But, now Im like on a rampage about what do I video next?. Chasing down the kid, dogs, cats. And wait till David gets home!. Yep he wont be safe either. So, keep checking back for more random videos!

Ok, im behind on posting

This past week has been a really crazy one!. I was working the bookfair at my sons old school all week. Getting up at 4:30am to take David to work then coming home exhausted but affraid to go back to sleep in fear of not getting Devan up in time. Then working the bookfair from 8am till 3:30pm but on Tuesday and Thursday we were there till 7pm. Just never feels like there is enough time in the day to complete anything.

Everyone is doing great. Devan is excited for summer to be approaching. He will be going to Virginia for the summer to spend with family and friends. David is doing good too he is back to work and the Army couldnt be better!…LOL..YAY!! Anyhoot. I am going to go and play around with new camera I got and start posting videos..TTYL!

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