Just a 4:30am thoughts

Well, it’s almost 4:30am and David is just now getting home from work after being there all day. I guess since one NCO didn’t allow the floor to be stripped,waxed and mopped correctly ALL NCO’s who had duty this weekend had to report tonight for “corrective training”..Most wives would bitch and moan but after doing my own time in the Army I know how the system works. So I decided to pull an all nighter in order to make sure that he is able to sleep for about 45min and wake up on time to be back into work at 6am for PT. Coffee in hand here I am.

Devan is gone to Virginia for the summer and the house is quiet. We don’t have the kids knocking on the door ever 10min asking for Devan to come out. The animals are still lazy and the turtle is getting bigger by the day.

Since my days after getting out of the Army..Then being a Firefighter, 911 Operator, worked in a jail. I have not worked now since 2004. And I must say that although it is nice. I have now become quite bored sitting at home. So, after much consideration and what to do to keep myself busy. I have decided to become a Pure Romance Consultant. I love everything the company stands for. And of course the other perks that come with being your own boss. I am able to make my own hours, make my own money. And still be able to be there for Devan when he goes to school and when he comes home. ALso I love being involved in the PTO and with middle school being such a milestone in his life that he is now starting I will be able to be here for him as well. So good luck to me I know Pure Romance will be a good move!

I wonder why lately I have become so testy and bitchy to people. Is it age that is causing me to become so hostile. Or is it just more people in the world who are ignorant. Either way I have found myself less and less patient with people and I hardly know why.I have gotten to the point where I don’t care what I say and I don’t care how it makes people feel. Because I think of it as “they wouldn’t care about me!” I dunno maybe I’m wrong. And don’t just think it’s everyone I am like this too just those who need to be woken up to reality.

Other than this 4:30 Random blog not much else has gone on. Life is good!


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