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Well, uugghh

Devan hurt his foot yesterday riding his bike. While falling his foot was stuck in the chain. Since this was right before football practice we continued to press on maybe they could take a look to see what they though knowing between all of them they had 100+yrs of coaching and playing time. So afterwards Devan came home elevated his foot and went to bed. This morning I told him to get up. It was about 6am and I wanted to see if he was able to stand or how much pain he is in. Well, needless to say that didn’t last long. He took two steps and was done. about 11am we finally got things straight and ready to go to the ER. Doc their says he doesnt think its broke. And after having someone from Xray look they “couldn’t tell” We have an appointment for Tuesday with Ortho to get it looked at. Wish us luck!


Ok, so it’s been a while….

Haven’t been here in a while. I was doing good posting daily but just other stuff got in the way. A little bit of an update on us. Devan is now in 6Th grade, playing football for the Jr. Pro league as Quarterback. He is really good and kinda made me shed a tear thinking about how much he has grown up lately maturity level wise. David is doing good. His back is still bothering him but he is hanging tough and still stubborn as always..I myself am still just me. Stubborn like my mother,Straight and to the point like my Father. Business is off to a slow start but hope to pick up here in the coming months. Just gotta find out what works for me and go forward.

I told myself this morning that I needed to start being more organized. Coming up with my own chore chart I guess you could call it. Otherwise I find myself picking and choosing my days to clean and spending time playing xbox while the house is quiet. Sooo, I think today is going to be a google day to learn organization. We will see how long it will last. So till next time…thanks for reading and leave any comments..See ya!..XOXO