Gotta vent. This will hurt some feelings im sure. But, at this point I don’t care

Ok, I can not hold this built up anger in any longer!. I know this is going to get back to certain few and im sorry if it hurts your feelings but I am not the only one that feels this way. Just the only one brave enough to put it out there.

Ok, so I have been around a certain hang out for a long time now. Well, there is a function coming up that everyone wants to go to even me. But, for certain circumstances it didn’t work out for me to go. Well, a couple of people in particular was asking for donations in order to attend this event. Donations were given left and right even by myself. Some donations greater than others. Anyhow, after deciding that I was not going to go. A messege was posted by someone I was going to share room space with that “thought finances were figured out, must rally some more” Anyhow, so now im thinking well..was I going to be used to cut their costs so they for sure would have enough to go to this event?. But,after speaking to one of them I knew long before they had it all covered. Then why keep asking for donations. When you had the money to cover the main purpose you were going plus food and hotel. Oh I know!!!..So we can visit every hot spot in town and eat at the coolest places. Well, I will say this. I am done, finished, and through. And no long will be sending donations. Have a happy fricken day hope you enjoyed your vacation on everyones money!…Man, this ticks me off!!


Devan’s Field Day

Devan had his field day at school. Here is some footage from that.

Devan fell asleep in closet

So lastnight we had round two of this crazy storm. I guess Devan got so scared that the poor lil guy went into our closet and fell asleep..LOL

There is a storm coming!

We just got word about a bad storm coming. If I have power and such I will post video as I get it. But, for now all we have is sirens..

P.S. After all was said and done. We are fine no Tornado’s in the area.

Our trip to nowhere..LOL..

Yesterday we got in the car and decided to just drive. We ended up coming across a giant statue of Superman and also a WWII ship the LST 325 ended up being a pretty long but fun day. I will post pictures later but for now here is video.

Our Nashville Zoo Trip

I have been trying to add this now for days. But, here is our Zoo trip video. Sorry Im not the best camera woman..

Mom: Here is your video tour of new house..LOL

Ok, So my Mom has been asking for pictures of the new house since we moved in back in November. Well, Im just now getting to it. Sorry Mom, But since I got my new camera (which again I LOVE) I figured it would be easier to do a little video for her. Love ya Mom!

Even I could do it!

Ok, I know the job of a weatherman is not an easy task. But, for cryin out loud people don’t say it’s going to be 80 and sunny if there is a chance of storms. As you can tell our weatherman was wrong once again!..LOL..

Devan being silly

Devan and I spent the day together doing mommy and son stuff. Bills, shopping, and just hanging out. For those who know us Devan and I love our music and love to dance. As you can tell!

My Poor Child

Devan spent the night next door Saturday night and apparantly they stayed up till like 4am. Lil guy could barely keep his head up straight he was so tired. David took this video like less than 2min after leaving the house we were on the way to the mall which takes like 10min to get too..LOL..He is such a party animal!

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